How it Works

The magic is in the software.

Any company can issue a corporate card. But cards are dumb. Only you know your company culture and business goals.

Custodia’s software is smart. It enables you to set approvals, budgets and reports, and uses AI to help employees as they spend.

Achieve smarter expenses with AI-Driven software that fits with your company culture.

The App
The Platform

The Card

Provide each employee with a smart, connected card that works for your business. The card is fully integrated with Custodia software to react to budgets and approvals in real time, and automatically reports detailed transaction data in the platform and app.

The App

The App

Employees achieve expense freedom with the AI-driven Custodia app. WIth real-time pricing information across the web and budget and expense data from their finance team and manager, employees get real time approvals, spend how they need to, and track spending as they go.

The Platform

The Platform

Software that gives the finance team complete control and oversight across all elements of expense management. From setting budgets and approvals to tracking spending and delivering insights, finance gets an expense upgrade from manual to magical.

3 Steps to Expense Happiness


Enter budgets and approvals.

Upload your spending and approval guidelines for each team. Managers can help configure individual budgets.

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Give everyone the app.

Once budgets and approvals are set, provide each employee with their own personal app that they can use for requesting approvals and tracking spending.


Give everyone the card.

Each employee also gets a smart connected card that works with the app and platform so that every spend is automatically approved, recorded and reconciled in real time. No more expense reports needed!

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Give your team a high five!

Say goodbye to the expense approval process. Instead, you can spend that time looking through spending trends on the Custodia dashboard.