Why Custodia

Free Your Company From Expense Agony

Get in front of corporate spending with flexible software to fit with your corporate culture.​

With an app for every employee tied to the payment method of your choice - every expense is approved and captured automatically.

Eliminate Expense Report Problems

Empower Your Employees

To Spend Wisely - And Productively


“I’ll need to take that pricier afternoon flight, but then I can meet with their CEO”​

New Requested Trip


Special Projects

“I need to shoot that video by the end of the month! Booking the crew now”

New Project


Events and Marketing

“We got the sponsorship, but now we need a banner”

Part of Marketing Budget


IT and Equipment

“I get a deal if I buy data 3 months in advance”

Sent to Manager


Office Supplies

“We should have some breakfast at the board meeting tomorrow”

Within Allotted Budget


For Finance

  • list-icon-green-triangle Close the loop on budgeting, expenses and reconciliation with a single, seamless automated platform.
  • list-icon-green-triangle Flexible to suit your company spending requirements and culture with policy coded directly into the card
  • list-icon-green-triangle Frees employees to do their jobs while increasing finance control and insight
  • list-icon-green-triangle AI-driven, integrated market rates for the best prices across expense categories
  • list-icon-green-triangle Eliminate the risks of a typical corporate card with automated pre-approvals

For Managers and Employees

  • list-icon-green-triangle Experience the freedom to spend how you need to without the burden of expense reports
  • list-icon-green-triangle Spend where you need to, when you need to
  • list-icon-green-triangle Enjoy real-time approvals tied to actual budgets for total clarity and flexibility.
  • list-icon-green-triangle Never wait for reimbursement
  • list-icon-green-triangle No more painful expense reconciliation